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Online Instruction Schedule


Porfolio Review

Date and Time
: Once registered, you will be contacted to setup a time
Fee: $75

This is a one-on-one online session with Nikhil. You can share up to 20 images from your portfolio. Whether you are showing a completed body of photographic work or you are seeking feedback on work in progress, this session will provide you with advice and guidance on achieving your goals. The is your time and you will have a chance to ask plenty of questions.

These sessions are a great way to get in-depth feedback on your photography which will facilitate your growth as a photographer.

How it works:

  • Once registered, you will be contacted via email to setup a time for the portfolio review.
  • Instructions on how the images should be prepared and shared will be included.
  • Once a time is setup, you will receive a link.
  • You can click on the link at the time arranged and you will join the online meeting with Nikhil.



Processing Photos in Lightroom
(an in-depth look at the power of the develop module)

Date and Time
: To be announced soon

Fee: $99
Limit: 10

During the 4 sessions you will learn all you need to know about the sliders and tools that are part of the Lightroom develop module. This class is more than just showing you how to use the tools at your disposal, but also give you recommendations on when it is appropriate to use these tools. Nikhil will share his approach to processing photos along with alternate ways to process the same photo. He will walk you through how to evaluate your photo before you start processing it, to the point that it is fully processed.

While there are many free videos available online, this is your chance to interact with a professional and learn several tips and techniques while getting the chance to ask questions as the class progresses. Even better...Nikhil will not just use random images to demonstrate processing, he will actually process your RAW files! This will give every individual the benefit of seeing how Nikhil would process their image/s.

The time between each session will give you a chance to absorb and try out the techniques you learn. Stitching Panoramas and processing HDR images is also included.

How it works:

  • Once registered, you will be contacted via email with a link to join the online class.
  • Instructions on how your RAW images should be shared will be included.
  • You can click on the link at the designated time and you will join the online class.
  • There will be 4 sessions, each an hour long.



Please contact Nikhil if you have any questions about any of the classes listed above.


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