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"I found Nikhil's workshop to be the best of several others I have attended.  I was particularly impressed with the individual attention Nikhil gave to each of the students.  I liked the atmosphere of the group. I came away with a greater understanding of what I need to do to make my photography more satisfying for me and new insights, particularly regarding composition and use of different techniques to capture the subject in the best light. "
-Clare G.
"Absolutely the best photo instructor I have ever had.  Nikhil is extremely knowledgeable, both about the technical aspects of photography and the artistic ones and, even more importantly, he is so very willing to share his knowledge.  I also very much appreciate the individual attention.  No question was too inconsequential for his complete attention."
-Nancy B.
"I thought your workshop was one of the best I’ve attended. I liked that you spent time with each student. You provided excellent pointers pertinent to the particular situation, helping the student learn. I think you did very well attending to all in the class. And, you answered my questions with a knowledge of the subject."
-Warren W.
"You have been extremely helpful and a great teacher & I have learned more than I thought I would."
-Louis R.
"Nikhil was a very good teacher and was good at explaining the techiniques for ease of understanding. The critiques on the last day were well rounded and fair. Very good class overall. I will recommend the class and instructor to others."
- Greg H.
"I liked the small group as I got individual attention. Nikhil covered areas that I was interested in and needed to learn and develop greater skill. I felt very comfortable asking questions. He covered both technique and creativity. Very helpful."
- Judy S.
"The Great Falls workshop was great!  I learned a lot about shooting in low light conditions both at the beginning and end of the day.  I also learned how to better use my camera and my lenses. Nikhil is talented and extremely willing to share both his talent and photography experience and insight."
-Nancy B.
"Nikhil helped me think creatively about putting a photograph together and his critiques were helpful too. I found the class very benificial and I gained a lot of understanding of both photography and even some about Photoshop"
- Connie C.
"Instruction was clear and easy to understand. Your teaching is very accessible. Thanks for the class."
- Ellen M.
"Critiques are extremely good: honest, how to improve the image, pros & cons. In the field he gave time to each of us plus time with the group. Excellent instruction."
- Jenny G.
"Explains materials clearly. In critique: is clear on what proper composition is and what is opinion, an important disticition. Knows material. Understands cameras."
- Ken G.
"Nikhil expressed himself very well. Used good examples to explain topics. He critiqued our pictures very well"
- Jen H.
"Excellent class – informative, well presented and relevant.  The instructor not only showed examples of well composed photographs but more importantly explained WHY the photographs were well composed. I'm looking forward to taking another class with Nikhil."
- Stephanie W.
"Nikhil is an excellent and friendly instructor who took the mystery out of PhotoShop. He is very knowledgable, and did a good job of taking the class through the essentials of Photoshop.  He was responsive to questions and took the class thorugh a very logical progression in showing how to use Photoshop.  The use of his own photo's as examples was very valuable as the class could follow how different tools can affect the final photo."
- Michael S.
"I thought the class was very informative and offered good instruction regarding the techniques and tools of photoshop. Great class. Thanks!"
- Danielle B.