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Creative Interpretations eBook

Photography is all about interpretation. From focal length, aperture, and shutter speed to composition and post-processing, a photographer makes many decisions that interpret the subject. The subject can be presented in an atypical manner that may challenge our perceptions, or by delving into the abstract, the viewer can be left guessing as to what the subject really is.


In this instructional eBook, Nikhil takes you into the realm of conceptualizing and interpreting scenes to be captured by the creative photographer. Using his photographs and experiences as examples, Nikhil shares numerous ideas and offers deep insights on how you can elevate your photography to new creative heights.


The 77-page eBook includes over 60 of Nikhil's stunning nature photographs, showcasing his ability to capture the beauty and intricacies of the natural world. It covers a wide range of topics, from landscapes to abstracts. Additionally, the eBook delves into the intricacies of controlling the creative process, offering practical advice and techniques to help photographers develop their unique artistic vision.


The Creative Interpretations eBook is a PDF file that will be made available for download once you checkout. Should you have any trouble downloading the eBook, please contact us.


To view the eBook, you will need a PDF reader. If you don't already have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you can download and install the free Adobe Reader. The PDF file can also be viewed on other devices with the appropriate software or applications.

Creative Interpretations eBook

  • What a gem of wonder and inspiration. Your work transcends photographic expression in ways I have not seen before. It is moving! - Priscilla L.


    This eBook, in my opinion, is an extraordinarily good piece of work. It makes me want to drop everything and to run out and start shooting...immediately. You've jolted my desire to create, and if you've done this for me, you will do it for many others.  The topics you have chosen, represent a good selection, yet as a body, it is not overwhelming.  - David M.


    Excellent images! You have a style that speaks to simplicity, impact and emotion. I really enjoyed reading this eBook. I will use this book as inspiration.
- Cynthia H.


    It is an inspiring book! You have filled it with penetrating images accompanied by the grounded info about how gear was used. Most important was the way you described some of your thought processes during and after capture. Getting us to think and feel about our work is an important part of what you give us in this book and in your lectures. This book will be re-read many times by us, I am sure.
-Phil K.


    I enjoyed the eBook immensely! I appreciated your thoughtful suggestions on finding new ways of seeing and avoiding the cliches that I am so tired of seeing. I'll look forward to other eBooks. 
- John D.


    I must commend you upon the delicate beauty of your images.  They portray a tremendous degree of feeling and emotion. You are a good writer and those reading the book will have no trouble understanding what you are trying to convey. Good job! 
- Carla S.


    Your eBook is superb, and the photos are gorgeous. The information is very useful, and you drive home the important message of pre-visualizing and planning each shot.  I am already looking forward to your next book! 
- Debra L. 


    Beautiful images!! And insightful writing.
- David K.

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