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We offer a range of nature photography workshops and tours that provide a unique opportunity to explore and capture the beauty of the natural world. All itineraries are customized for photographers, created by photographers. Our workshops and tours are designed to help you develop your skills, learn new techniques, and create stunning photographs that reflect your personal vision. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, our workshops will inspire and challenge you to push the boundaries of your creativity. Come experience nature through the art of photography! 
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Upcoming Workshops & Tours

Iceland Bird
Photography Tour

Jul. 6 - 17, 2024

Winter Bird of Minnesota Photography Tour

Dec. 15-20, 2024

Falkland Islands
Photo Adventure

Jan. 16 - 31, 2026

Alaska Brown Bears
and Wildlife Tour

Aug. 3 - 10, 2024

Falkland Islands
Photo Adventure

Jan. 10 - 25, 2025

Utah Red Rocks and Badlands Photography Workshop

Oct. 20 - 27, 2024

Tanzania Photo Safari:
Wildebeest Birthing Season

Feb. 23 - Mar. 8, 2025

Past Workshops & Tours

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