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Chris R.

White Sands National Monument Photography Workshop, New Mexico

"It was a wonderful experience and White Sands is a beautiful location to shoot. Nikhil is a fantastic and kind leader who made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed. He is an enthusiastic teacher and his style is intuitive. I enjoyed the interaction with Nikhil and the other photographers as well as the learning experience of shooting at White Sands."

Martha M.
The Best of Southwest Florida

"Nikhil was very generous with his time and his considerable expertise.
I could not have imagined a more dedicated, conscientious, knowledgeable,
and personable photographic guide."

Rita M.
Southwest Florida - Rookeries by Boat

"Nikhil is a caring and tactful trip leader with a great deal of patience and willingness to teach. I especially enjoyed his engagement when we were on the boats; no matter which boat he was on, I never felt neglected. His training sessions with photo reviews and Adobe Lightroom tips and hints are packed with information to use at home."

Neil N.
Springtime at Chincoteague Island Chincoteague, Virginia

"Nikhil is a great person in general and in my eyes a very good instructor. In the field he made sure to work with each individual on whatever settings or techniques they were having issues with but also didn’t give a lot more time to any one person. His critiques were done to honestly better our work and not to find fault."

Christopher S.
White Sands National Monument Photography Workshop, New Mexico

"I had high expectations when I signed up for the workshop, based on NatureScapes’ sponsorship and Nikhil’s photographs and eBook. Those high expectations were fully met. Each outing was well planned, with adequate time allowed for hiking to alternate locations when footprints went farther out than hoped. All the locations were superb. Nikhil’s coaching has me looking for balance and seeing layers everywhere I look.

White Sands is a dazzling, unique area, and Nikhil took us to spectacular locations within the park. His teaching method of illustrating a composition or technique and then encouraging each of us with our own compositions, while pointing out the details we need to take care with to make our photos better, works really well for me.

We also had a terrific group of people. It was so much fun to meet new people, get to know them a bit, and see their photos. Where else can you meet other people who think it’s fun to hike 2 miles in the dark when it’s 12F?"

Neil H.
Springtime at Chincoteague Island Chincoteague, Virginia

"Thanks for the great photographic experience and instruction. My intent in taking this workshop was to get my creativity kick-started and get out of my visual comfort zone. With Nikhil’s instruction and insight I made a significant move in that direction. Over the past 12 years I have taken a number of photographic workshops. This one was the best, making me look at the subject from different perspectives and capturing images that were more creative. The small class size, Nikhil’s insight and expertise, and individual attention made the difference between this class and the others. Additionally, the accommodations and restaurants were well chosen, adding to the enjoyment. I hope to take another one of Nikhil’s workshops in the near future."

Stephen W.
California Coast Big Sur and Monterey Bay

"Nikhil was very attentive and helpful to me in working on composition and shooting technique. I found his image review and Lightroom sessions invaluable. This was the best photography workshop experience that I have had. In addition to the photographic opportunities, I particularly enjoyed the classroom sessions. I found Nikhil’s critique and comments on composition very helpful. The post-processing sessions were of great value to me as a novice."

Doug H.
Florida Bird Photography Workshop - Rookeries by Boat, Florida

"Nikhil was a great guide. Very helpful, very organized. On shoots he was keeping an eye out for incoming photo opportunities. Helping with settings for everyone. Not photographing for himself. Great trip!"

Brad W.
Iceland Winter Photo Tour

"I most enjoyed seeing the ice caves and aurora borealis. Nikhil and Jóhann were excellent tour leaders. They were very accommodating and excellent at helping when needed."

Steven W.
White Sands National Monument Photography Workshop, New Mexico

"Nikhil was great. His personality, knowledge, experience, and demeanor made the trip a special experience."

Mary C.
Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

"Nikhil was an excellent guide and instructor. I feel that I’ve learned a lot in the time spent with him. He has the patience to work with all levels of photographers."

Lynn B.
Bosque del Apache and White Sands, New Mexico

"Nikhil’s enthusiasm, guidance, and assistance made this workshop a real learning experience for me. Nikhil was willing to share his knowledge and always had our interests as top priority."

Dillard B.
California Coast - Big Sur and Monterey Bay

"Nikhil is an excellent guide and instructor, the area is beautiful and rich with photographic possibilities, and the workshop participants were friendly and fun to be with."

Dick P.
Southwest Florida - Rookeries by Boat

"I’ve been on several workshops with Nikhil and he is technically and artistically superior as a leader and teacher."

Bradford W.
Winter in Yellowstone National Park

"I had a tremendous time and brought home many good images. Juan and Nikhil organized the trip extremely well, and each had excellent photographic advice to share. I most enjoyed the spectacular wildlife and beautiful winter landscape of Yellowstone, the comradery of other nature photographers, and the excellent guidance of Juan and Nikhil. I hope to join them on another photo workshop in the future. Great workshop!"

Doreen M.
Springtime at Chincoteague Island Chincoteague, Virginia

"I highly recommend workshops with Nikhil Bahl and NatureScapes. The workshop was well organized and Nikhil has a love for the area, putting us at the best locations at the right time. I learned new techniques and now look at various shooting opportunities differently. I also have many great images to add to my portfolio."

Guy C.
Great Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg, Tennessee

"This was an outstanding experience for us. There are three elements that are important to a workshop like this: location, instruction, and feedback; each stood out. This was an excellent location at a very good time of year. Nikhil’s individual help and suggestions were always spot on and his feedback was honest without being brutal."

James R.
California Coast Big Sur and Monterey Bay

"I was very impressed with Nikhil’s knowledge and photographic skills. He has a very warm and caring attitude, is helpful, and an excellent leader."

Hank S.
Rookeries by Boat and Fort Desoto Park, Florida

"Nikhil was a great instructor. He has a very easy going personality and was always helpful in answering your questions and also providing tips for improving your techniques and skills as a photographer."

Carl K.
Bosque del Apache, New Mexico

"Nikhil was great! He was constantly checking with each of us about our camera settings, and he challenged us to think about the background and what it was we were trying to capture in the shot/location."

Clare G.
Chincoteague, Virginia

"I found Nikhil's workshop to be the best of several others I have attended.  I was particularly impressed with the individual attention Nikhil gave to each of the students.  I liked the atmosphere of the group. I came away with a greater understanding of what I need to do to make my photography more satisfying for me and new insights, particularly regarding composition and use of different techniques to capture the subject in the best light."

Nancy B.
Great Falls Workshop, Virginia

"Absolutely the best photo instructor I have ever had.  Nikhil is extremely knowledgeable, both about the technical aspects of photography and the artistic ones and, even more importantly, he is so very willing to share his knowledge.  I also very much appreciate the individual attention.  No question was too inconsequential for his complete attention."

Warren W.
Macro photography, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Virginia

"I thought your workshop was one of the best I’ve attended. I liked that you spent time with each student. You provided excellent pointers pertinent to the particular situation, helping the student learn. I think you did very well attending to all in the class. And, you answered my questions with a knowledge of the subject."

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