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Why Choose Us

Itineraries Customized for Photographers, created by Photographers

Our workshop and tour itineraries are meticulously crafted by Nikhil Bahl, a seasoned professional photographer and traveler with a keen eye for detail. To ensure the best possible experience and to maximize your photographic opportunities, locations are scouted in advance. Throughout the journey, you'll be guided by Nikhil himself, ensuring a dedicated focus on your growth and enjoyment. Every aspect of our workshops and tours is specifically tailored to cater to photographers, with a sharp focus on enhancing your photography skills and capturing stunning images.
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Creativity and Artistry

At the heart of our workshops is a profound passion for creativity. Our founder, Nikhil, transforms the simple act of taking a photograph into an artistic endeavor, capturing images that resonate deeply with viewers. While we all strive to capture fleeting moments, being well-prepared both technically and conceptually enables you to transform a simple documentary image into a powerful personal expression.

Fun and Engaging Learning

Traveling with us goes beyond just honing your photography skills—it's about having fun and fully immersing yourself in the experience. We believe in making learning enjoyable and engaging. Our workshops and tours are designed to ensure that every participant finds joy in the process of discovery and creation while deepening their understanding of the subjects they photograph.

Immersive Nature


Experience the wonders of the natural world as we spend plenty of time outdoors, fully immersing yourself in the beauty and uniqueness of the location. Our workshops and tours are designed to take you on a journey through some of the most breathtaking natural settings, where you can encounter and photograph a diverse array of subjects.


Expert Guidance in Photography

With over 250 workshops and tours led since 2009, Nikhil offers exceptional expertise in both the technical and creative aspects of photography, along with extensive knowledge of the locations we visit. Whether you're mastering camera techniques or developing your personal photographic style, our sessions cover it all. Our in-field instruction is personalized for each participant, emphasizing the importance of capturing the mood and essence of the subject. We guide you in using light, color, and composition to convey emotions and personal expression in your photographs.

Nikhil’s guidance will help you unlock your creative potential and develop a unique photographic voice. Learn to capture not just images, but moments that evoke emotion and tell compelling stories. Even if your preference is simply to document what you see, we will ensure you have access to great photographic opportunities.

Choose us for a transformative journey into the world of photography, where creativity, immersion in nature, and fun learning experiences await. Discover the profound insights and enchantment that lie beyond the lens with Experience Nature Photo Workshops and Tours.

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